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Choose your length and weight!  Bat weights are determined by a Drop system.  To determine the bats weight, take the bat's length and subtract the bat's Drop rating.  Ex. A 31" drop 8 (-8) bat would weigh 23oz.  (31-8=23).  Generally speaking, 8u through 12u uses Drop 10 (-10) bats.  13u uses drop 8 (-8) bats and 14u uses drop 5 (-5) bats.  High School and above uses BBCOR drop 3 (-3) bats.


Some bat length/weight combinations are more readily available and can be received within 2-3 business days.  Others, due to being less common combinations, may take 3-5 days due to coming direct from the manufacturer.  


The saying goes that X marks the spot and the Marucci CATX is sure to put you on the map of most feared hitters. Marucci has once again delivered a bat that will perform to the max standards allowed on the field. The Marucci CatX Connect features a redesigned and completely re-shaped barrel profile that moves the balance point closer to your hands (on average a .5 inch lower balance point) for a balanced swing weight while also providing an industry-leading sweet spot for a better-performing barrel. The CATX Connect USSSA baseball bat showcases a robust 2 3/4 inch diameter barrel and massive sweetspot. The new S-40 composite handle is up to 10% stiffer than the previous handle on the CAT9 Connect which allows for a quicker energy transfer from swing to ping. Designed by ball players for ball players and ready to perform on every swing the Marucci CATX Connect is ready for action.

Marucci CATX Composite USSSA

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