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Choose your length and weight!  Bat weights are determined by a Drop system.  To determine the bats weight, take the bat's length and subtract the bat's Drop rating.  Ex. A 31" drop 8 (-8) bat would weigh 23oz.  (31-8=23).  Generally speaking, 8u through 12u uses Drop 10 (-10) bats.  13u uses drop 8 (-8) bats and 14u uses drop 5 (-5) bats.  High School and above uses BBCOR drop 3 (-3) bats.


Some bat length/weight combinations are more readily available and can be received within 2-3 business days.  Others, due to being less common combinations, may take 3-5 days due to coming direct from the manufacturer.  


Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel: An innovative composite technique that allows for a massive barrel that delivers huge levels of performance and consistency.

Construction: 2-Piece Composite designed with bat speed in mind. The updated Anomaly connection provides seamless energy transfer and comfort.

Anomaly End Cap: Designed specifically for our composite barrels, the new Anomaly end cap helps to reduce swing weight for better bat control.

Player Type: Built for the well-rounded player seeking the best combination of bat speed, barrel control and power.


Demarini 2024 Zoa USSSA

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