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Choose your length and weight!  Bat weights are determined by a Drop system.  To determine the bats weight, take the bat's length and subtract the bat's Drop rating.  Ex. A 31" drop 8 (-8) bat would weigh 23oz.  (31-8=23).  Generally speaking, 8u through 12u uses Drop 10 (-10) bats.  13u uses drop 8 (-8) bats and 14u uses drop 5 (-5) bats.  High School and above uses BBCOR drop 3 (-3) bats.


Some bat length/weight combinations are more readily available and can be received within 2-3 business days.  Others, due to being less common combinations, may take 3-5 days due to coming direct from the manufacturer.  


This bad boy is our first-ever one-piece aluminum bat specifically created for young ballers who want to flex. No one can touch the unmatched performance of the ring-free barrel, extreme performance alloy and design that’s straight fire. Mishits won't even faze you with the Vibe’s vibration reducing knob, and the custom molded handle taper gives you ultimate control and an unbeatable connection between you and the bat.

  • EXTREME PERFORMANCE ALLOY: VXP aluminum alloy for increased pop and extended durability.
  • MID-BALANCED DESIGN WITH MEDIUM M.O.I.: Built to be easily swung by all types of hitters.
  • VIBRATION REDUCING KNOB: Mitigates sting and unwanted feedback from off-center hits.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE TAPER: Custom-fit for each weight drop based on player feedback for more bat control and better overall feel.
  • RINGLESS BARREL DESIGN: Multi-variable wall thickness, creating a thinner, more flexible sweet spot for unmatched performance.
  • 2 ¾” barrel diameter
  • USSSA certified
  • One year manufacturer warranty included

Victus 2024 Vibe USSSA

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